Camp Cypress Dog Retreat
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Phone: (318) 469-7311

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Camp Cypress Dog Retreat

Your Furry Friend’s Home Away From Home

Picture this — you’re booking your dream vacation. A shortlist of must-haves include a clean and comfortable place to stay. Somewhere welcoming. Lot’s of fun activities. A place that feels like home – except you you don’t actually have to clean it yourself (score!).

You want unlimited access to new and exciting surroundings that you can spend hours exploring. But, you also want to feel safe. You want to walk away from your vacation feeling rested and relaxed. Ready to take on the world when it’s time to
return to reality.

Now tell me — doesn’t that sound perfect?

And don’t you think your beloved pet deserves the same vacation experience as you do?

They’re your best friends – Of course they do!

Here at Camp Cypress Dog Retreat, we believe dog boarding should be a healthy and nurturing experience for your pet, which is why we created the ultimate oasis for your favorite furry family member.

Most pet boarding kennels keep dogs locked up in stark, cement cages for hours at a time – and offer little interaction with humans or other four-legged companions. Camp Cypress is a completely different experience – a cageless haven where your dog feels loved and protected.

Set on 60 acres of land, a quick 30 minute drive outside of Shreveport, your dog will be living the high life as one of our campers enjoying a fun vacation.

Now THAT’S worth the drive! Wouldn’t you agree?

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No Cages – Just Plenty Of Room To Roam 

Boasting miles of nature trails and wide open spaces for your dog to roam and explore, Camp Cypress is a paradise designed with your dog’s comfort in mind.

Our peaceful country setting allows your dog the opportunity to unwind in a stress-free environment away from the jarring noise of the city Here they can relax in their cabin and chew on their favorite toy, or play with our other happy campers.

Created By Dog-lovers, For Dog-lovers

Camp Cypress Dog Retreat is run by lifelong dog-lovers, Jolie and Jim Banks. Together they have over 15 years of experience working and caring for numerous dogs.

With an extensive background in dog rescue, fostering and adoption, they understand the importance of tending to your canine’s physical, mental and emotional needs.

Personalized cared — isn’t that what you want for your dog?
In fact, ensuring your furry companions health and happiness is our top priority.

Each camper that stays at Camp Cypress:

  • Has a choice to stay in a safe and comfortable space all of their own, or go outside to romp and play, enjoying plenty of fresh air!
  • Will be taken on supervised walks through the miles of well-maintained nature trails available right on the property
  • Has access to fresh water at all time, and is fed according to your instructions and their personal dietary needs
  • Will enjoy a nightly tuck-in service and a small bedtime snack
  • Will get plenty of love, care and attention from our experienced staff!
  • Will send you daily updates and photos showing you how much fun they’re having! 
    (ok…. Our team members might help a little with this one)

Yep! We make the entire process stress-free for you as well! We know that leaving your pet behind isn’t easy for you either, so we send you daily photos so you can see just how much fun your little camper is having! Take a look at some of our happy campers here!

But even better than that, each and every staff member will work to make your special canine feel like one of their own.

Because your dog is more than just a pet — they are a member of the family!

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Want to come see Camp Cypress for yourself before booking?

We encourage first time visitors to drop by at their convenience, where one of our amazing staff members will give you the grand tour. You can explore our grounds, walk through the cageless cabin facility and get to know our fully trained staff.

Not only are all of our staff highly experienced, but we also have a vet technician on the grounds. We also have great relationships with the local vets in case of an unexpected emergency.

We are ready to personally take care of your furry friend 24/7 – responding to their every need.

Like we said, this isn’t your average pet boarding kennel!

Experience the difference at Camp Cypress 
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