Te'Jun The Texas Cajun
711 N. Robinson Dr
Robinson, TX 76706 Map
Phone: (254) 235-3100

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Te’Jun the Texas Cajun boils up the largest Alaskan snow crab available, premium North Atlantic cold
Water lobster, large Texas Gulf shrimp, and large Atlantic white shrimp that is peeled and deveined. We also offer premium Cajun sausage. Be sure to get some of our Louisiana farm raised crawfish whenever they are in season.

Come find us traveling around South Central Texas and enjoy some delicious fresh Cajun style seafood.

 Tonight made me want to go back more and more. The serving staff saw that I had my hands full and immediately opened doors and helped. Later on our kids we're running around playing and my kid fell. They got me ice quick. Then, a sweet lady came out to check on my son. And shortly after the owner came to check on him. They were sincere. We had another injury and they brought out a bandaid for the other kiddo that got a scrape on his leg.

The same sweet lady brought out fish food and showed the kids how to throw it out to the fish. She was patient with our toddlers.

The owner also talked with me about the Bible and told me some very good verses about children of God. He also pointed out the verses all the cups (children's and adults).

Every time I've been the food has been tasty, meaty, and juicy. The butter sauce is amazing. The food isn't too spicy. I like that there are seasonings if you're the kind that loves the flames �. The crawfish are in a variety of sizes and some are the biggest I've seen.

The restaurant is extremely clean. I love the open kitchen so I can see how my food is being handled. The staff are constantly doing everything they can to keep the place clean.

Thank y'all for a wonderful time for family and friends to gather. I cannot wait to go back. - Vickie R.

I went here and had a bad experience. Not really bad but not the best. The owner actually called me explained the situation. Corrected his staff and told me to give them another shot. The customer serverice was the best I've ever experienced. So I gave them another shot and I must say that this place is now my favorite seafood spot in Texas. The food is great but the customer service is worth every dollar. The owner really cares about his customers. Thanks.- Justin C.

I used to go to the mobile spot every few months and I loved everything about the slap daddy plate but the last 2 times I went the shrimp and veggies were dry as in not served in the flavor juices they always were I loved the "butter" they came in but it seemed the food wasn't served in it anymore kept me from going back the taste was not the same without the juices the service is great though before I used to love going there the truck hasn't been in Corsicana lately or else I'd check it out again. - Paulina E.