Spice Village
213 Mary Ave
Waco, TX 76701 Map
Phone: (254) 757-1066

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As food can always be intensified by adding a little spice, so can your life! Welcome to Spice Village: a collection of shops that has all you need to add a little or a lot of zest to your life!

Spice Village is the dream shopping experience and has been for the past 20 years. As a boutique where everyone can come in and find something, we have taken “Destination Shopping” to the next level. With more than 60 various shops under one roof and 30,000 square, feet one can feel as if they are offered the best products,  selection, and variety to choose from. Between our endless options of apparel, accessories, home décor, and gifts we offer just the right combination of affordable and luxurious products. Spice Village offers a variety no matter your taste, style, or budget. Whether you’re just passing through and looking for a souvenir, a classic Wacoan, who has been shopping with us for years, a Baylor student or a visiting family member, we are the store you’ve been waiting to shop and will always be excited to re-visit.


Energizing. Fun. All-encompassing. Inspiring. Comfortable. Affordable. One-of-a-kind.

These are the words we live by and use to create the very essence of Spice. With our consistent re-designing of individual shops and store displays and our ever-changing products, we are a store that lives on the cutting edge of trends as we seek to evolve with the constant changing of the times in fashion, home décor, and the latest fads. It is through this ever-evolving atmosphere that we leave customers in anticipation for their every next visit, wondering, “What crazy and inspiring thing will they do next?!” Our unique and fresh, yet timeless philosophy leaves an impression on every customer from beginning to end, and corner to corner.

Speaking of the corner, our location in the downtown historic MCLENDON HARDWARE CO. building is an experience in and of itself. Built in 1908, it is an iconic 30,000 square foot landmark that still possesses the signature long-leaf pine beams separating each of the shops. Many a customer has said that the old wood itself lends an aroma that makes people feel as if they have “come home” upon their arrival.

Welcome to Spice Village—

There is nothing else like this place, so this must be THE PLACE!