Heart of Texas Goodwill Industries-Corporate Headquarters
1700 S. New Road, Marketing Director
Waco, TX 76711 Map
Email: hdudley@hotgoodwill.org
Phone: (254) 753-7337

Goodwill Retail Store
916 E Waco Dr
Waco, TX 76704 Map
Phone: (254) 714-1314

Goodwill Retail Store
928 N Valley Mills Dr
Waco, TX 76710 Map
Phone: (254) 776-2339

Goodwill Retail Store
2439 La Salle Ave
Waco, TX 76706 Map
Phone: (254) 753-4984

Goodwill Retail Store
1508 Hewitt Dr
Waco, TX 76712 Map
Phone: (254) 420-2375

Goodwill Retail Store and Job Connection Center
1700 South New Road
Waco, TX 76711
Phone: (254) 753-7337

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Most people think of Goodwilll as a place to donate their gently used items or as a retail store where low-cost clothing and household items can be found. But few people know the true mission of the organization. Goodwill is in the business of helpin


When you donate items to a Heart of Texas Goodwill facility, those items are sold in our retail stores. The revenue generated from the sale of donated merchandise is then used to fund programs to help people with barriers to employment find a job, upgrade their skills, and become self-sufficient.



Our mission is to actively pursue the full partic.   There are currently 14 retail stores and 3 outlets with over 450 employees across the region and 4 Job Connection Centers in operation that serve nearly 5,000 people annually. 


*You can now bid on the the most unique finds right from your desktop!

Visit www.hotgoodwill.org/shop-online



Change a Life

Our mission is to actively pursue the full participation in society of people with disabilities and disadvantages by expanding their opportunities and capabilities through our employment and training programs.