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My name is Kristie and I am totally in love with photography! I am a devoted wife and proud mother of 3 amazing children. We have 2 grown boys in their 20's and a 9 year old daughter. My daughter Jillian gave me the inspiration that began my amazing journey as a Profession Photographer. I have 22 years of Information Technology experience before I began living "my dream". My love for capturing memories and moments coupled with my career in the IT industry and Corporate America gives me the perfect combination of experience to be a successful photographer. 

I have a passion and understanding of the importance of capturing all the unforgettable moments. Photos not only document our lives but they allow us to relive the timeless memories captured. Whether they are once in a lifetime moments, like a wedding, or a routine activity like riding on dads shoulders through the yard, these moments are equally significant. You may not see it now, but I promise they are!  Like me, if you have ever lost a loved one, you too understand the true value of a photo and how it keeps a memory alive. "A Picture Is Worth a 1000 Words" is so true. The visual of a photo has the effect that no words can ever explain and when years pass they hold a value that no money can buy. To give you and your loved ones photos, memories of your magical moments is something I take to heart and I am humbled each and every time I am given the opportunity! Whether you are a client of 10 years or a visitor from miles away just passing through to visit the Magnolia Silos I would be honored to be your Photographer! To sum up everything about me I can simply say,  "I do what I love and I never work a day in my life". Blessed beyond words no doubt!