The Gin At Nolan Creek
219 S. East St
Belton, TX 76513 Map
Phone: (254) 613-4446

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The Gin has gone through many transformations throughout the years: from a cotton gin in the 1920's, a feed store in the 1940's and falling into disrepair in the 2000's. The biggest change has been the birth of "The Gin" complex.

Let's take a tour from what is today to what used to be.

As you enter our waiting area you will witness where the original scale was housed.

The wagons hauling cotton were brought here to have the cotton weighed.

Entering the Main dining area, with its high ceilings and open layout, there was ample space for the large cotton machinery. Much of the machinery could not be brought in through the doors, so it was hoisted into the building through the ceiling before the roof was constructed. Some of the machinery took skilled workmen to operate while other machines did not.

Following the stairs down to the Bar you will find where the press foundation was located. The bale press was so massive its foundation started here and as you ascend to the Loft dining area you will find the space where the press platform was positioned.

The Board room/dining room was the loading platform. It was here where workers would load bales of freshly pressed cotton onto the farmers' trailers.

Our Main wait staff station was where the burlap was stored. Without the burlap the cotton bales would easily lose cotton or simply fall apart.

Pass through to the Banquet room and you will emerge into the cotton seed house.

This room was important for keeping the newly detached cotton seeds together until they could be processed into oil. Next, take a stroll on the beautiful deck areas and imagine the wagons parked here before being loaded with cotton.

Lastly, visit The Weigh Station yogurt shop where the Office and Weigh room was positioned. All of the Gin's transactions started and concluded in this area.