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When Christa Payne, of COUNTRY Financial, isn’t helping the community prepare for their big financial dreams or making the right investments, she’s giving back to organizations that make an impact.

“When I heard about the Helping Heroes grant program through COUNTRY Financial, the first place I thought of was the North Liberty Fire Department,” Payne said. “I live and work in the community that they volunteer to serve, and I thought it important to thank them for doing what many other people won’t do! They are a huge asset to our community.”

When Payne heard that her application for receiving the grant was accepted, she was very excited! She lost no time in presenting the award to the firefighters. The grant money would allow the volunteer Fire Department to update their ice rescue equipment which is a vital part of their service in the winter. 

Payne’s commitment to her community doesn’t stop at first responders. She also volunteers as a board member for Friends of the Animals Center Foundation, which raises funds to support and expand animal care service of the Iowa City Animals Care and Adoption Center. She has attended and supported a variety of events and has served as a month-long adoption sponsor.

And the volunteering doesn’t stop there! Payne also volunteers as a board member for the Coralville Community Food Pantry and serves as their Treasurer. 

Beyond fixing the first responder equipment, caring for animals, and feeding the hungry, Payne hopes that her work will serve as an example for fellow community members to do the same. 

It’s no question how much Payne cares about her community and being voted #1 in five categories in our guide confirms just how much the community cares about her.

Check out Christa Payne’s winner page on our website at and see how she can help you financially achieve your goals!



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