Bread Garden Market
225 S Linn St
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Phone: (319) 351-9119

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The Bread Garden Bakery & Café originally opened in 1995 as an affiliate of Fresh Food Concepts, which also currently owns and operates Mondo's ReUnion Brewery, Joseph's Steakhouse, and Hot House Yoga. The Bread Garden Bakery & Café thrived on the street corners of Clinton and Burlington, celebrating a calm and close atmosphere endeared by students, faculty, artists and residents alike. With its simple efficiency and modest layout, people lined up for an unrivaled quality of homemade cuisine. Following the success of the restaurant, owner Jim Mondanaro saw an avenue to other possibilities, and the result was a change in location in 2008. As the tweak in the name suggests, Bread Garden Market was something distinctively new,  without straying too far from the themes of its predecessor.

With over 35 years of food service and restaurant experience under our belts, you can rest assured we know what we're doing around here, and we don't take it lightly. Our kitchens have been staffed by fine chefs from all over the country who have helped to perfect our signature recipes and aim to deliver a high-quality gourmet experience to our customers. Whether it's a catered wedding or a weeknight dinner at home, our kitchen delivers restaurant-quality food time and time again.