Geek City Games and Comics
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Phone: (319) 626-2671

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All-in-one spot for comics, card and board games, miniatures, and pen-and-paper RPG's.

We are committed to fostering a family-friendly, inclusive, and comfortable environment where people of all ages can gather to enjoy the hobbies they love with like-minded individuals. We host weekly events such as a Board Game Night, Friday Night Magic, D&D, X-wing league, Commander/EDH, Pokemon League, and more!

For comic collectors, we carry comics from all major publishers (Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, etc.) and offer a subscription service/pull file with a discounted rate for those taking advantage of the service. We can also help you find any comic that you may be looking for, and can special order larger collections/items for you as well. Have something you want that we don't support yet? Let us know!

We're always open to creating new events, so if there is anything that you'd like us to take part in, let us know and we can discuss the possibility of a new event.Our current list of events can be found on our calendar.


Have some comics that are just taking up room? Tired of moving your old Magic cards from one side of the room to the other, hoping they'll magically find their proper home? Have board games you just don't play anymore? Just want some extra spending money or want to know how much what you've got is worth? Then bring your collection to Geek City.

We Pay Cash! Come in and get a cash offer on your collectibles.

We Pay EVEN MORE in Store Credit! Want to turn you collection into something else? We offer a store credit bonus on anything you sell to us.

Used Board Game Program: Bring in the board games you don't want anymore, price them, and we'll sell them for you! You'll get store credit when they sell to help you get brand new games, comics, or anything else you'd like in the store.

Geek City Appraisal: Want a professional appraisal of your comic or card collection? We can do that. We research current, actual retail values for your items so you know what they're actually worth, not what eBay sellers are asking for.