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Easton Design

Digital Marketing, Social Media Management and Web Design & Development in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City

Grow Your Business with Us!

Easton Design was established in 2000 to help local small and mid-sized businesses with their web design needs. Over the years as the internet has evolved, we have grown to include digital marketing services, as well as staff with a wide range of expertise.

No matter what your need, we try to extend our client’s team of experts to achieve success. No project is too small or too big for our team to assist with. Most of our client partners are in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area, but we also work with clients across the country and around the world.

Our work experience includes a well-balanced combination of both print and internet media, and our involvement begins at the initial concept stage and extends to final printing or web publishing. This thorough knowledge of the entire process allows us to create designs that will look great in their final form, not just at proof stage.

Since 2010, we have added valuable digital marketing expertise to our repertoire of services. This allowed us to offer such services as social media management, copywriting for blog posts and newsletters, as well as overall marketing assistance. We also employ a team of designers and writers that allow us to thoughtfully curate branding and consistent up-to-date content for our clients.

We are proud to offer more competitive rates than many of our larger competitors, which allows us to provide our clients with more intimate, hyper-local services for a price that can’t be beat.


"Brooke Easton is a very knowledgeable about all things digital and social marketing. Not only is she passionate she is a wonderful teacher. Patient and will take the time to show you step by step how to understand the digital side of ads, marketing, content, scheduling and more. I highly recommend Easton Designs."- Danielle M.

"Bill and Brook are an awesome team! Very knowledgeable, great to work with, and extremely attentive to their clients' needs. They are wonderful community partners and passionate about helping people in their community."- Tami B.

"Bill's websites are beautiful. Brook is a social media genius. Both are knowledgeable, reliable, and a genuine pleasure to work with."- Leda R.

"Working with Bill has been the best! High quality service and great design for a me as a new small business owner."- Benito C.