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shapeimage_1.pngDogs on Skis formed in the mid 1980’s playing covers of classic rock.  The band gained popularity in and around Iowa City/Cedar Rapids by focusing on playing songs that people liked to dance to.  From the beginning, focus was put on the band’s ability to perform material with vocal harmonies. In 1990 the Dogs released their first album ‘I Bark Therefore I Am’.  As the band gained popularity they began to play area street dances.  Those large outdoor shows were one of the main reasons their popularity grew in the early 90’s and that trend continues today with the advent of wineries and breweries featuring live outside music during the warmer months.    

Over the years, the band continued to grow and mature. Instead of becoming complacent and content with where they were, they continually overhaul their 4 hour set of material based on crowd reaction and requests. Because of this, they can perform literally hundreds of songs and can play many of them as requested. Currently, they focus on modern and 80’s rock and material that exploit their strengths. Dogs On Skis goal is to play music they like and that their fans will enjoy dancing to. With a back-log of material covering the 50’s to the present, the Dogs have the uncanny ability to read a crowd and mold a set on the fly to the audience in front of them. Not unlike a quarterback reading a defense and calling an audible play at the scrimmage line, Dogs On Skis are well known for ‘calling an audible’ while in the middle of a song so the members know exactly what to do to keep a dance floor filled.