Big Brothers Big Sisters of Johnson County
3109 Old Highway 218 South
Iowa City, IA 52245 Map
Phone: (319) 337-2145

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Powerful Youth Mentoring

fdsafds.pngIMPROVE children’s performance at school. PREVENT youth alcohol and drug use. REDUCE physically aggressive behavior. STRENGTHENrelationships with parents/guardians and with peers. LEARN about the importance of helping others.

These are just a few of the outcomes of Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring. We believe that every child can benefit from additional adult attention and the expanded possibilities provided by a mentor.


Big Brothers Big Sisters relationships have been shown to improve children’s school performance, decrease their alcohol and drug use and physically aggressive behavior, and to strengthen their relationships with parents/guardians and with peers.

In a nationwide survey,  83% of former “Littles” agreed that their “Bigs” instilled values and principles that have guided them through life, and 84% agreed that their mentors had taught them the importance of helping others. These are just a couple of examples which show the lasting impact of a mentoring relationship.

Big Brothers Big Sisters measures the strength and outcomes of our services. We make sure that our mentoring relationships are having a positive impact on the children we serve.